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Alternatives to CPAP – Baytown, TX

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Are you among the 22 million Americans who live with sleep apnea? To stop the pauses in your breathing, a CPAP machine was recommended to help keep your airways open and to maintain your oxygen levels. Although it has helped to improve the complications of the sleep disorder, it also comes with various disadvantages. You have other treatment options. We can help you get a restful night’s sleep using alternatives to CPAP in Baytown.

Disadvantages of a CPAP Machine

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A CPAP machine delivers a steady stream of air through a mask that is worn over the mouth or nose to prevent pauses in breathing. While it is the most traditional treatment for sleep apnea, it often has a low compliance rate. It is effective for treating mild to moderate forms of the disorder; however, many patients do not use it correctly due to certain disadvantages.

Despite its benefits, you may struggle with:

Now, you no longer need to deal with the complications. You can enjoy an effective alternative to a CPAP.

Your Sleep Specialist

Custom oral appliance

To get the relief you need, your general dentist offers sleep apnea treatment in Baytown, but they may not have all the options you need. Instead, it is better to visit a sleep specialist. As an expert in the area, they offer sleep dentistry, which focuses on the use of oral appliance therapy to treat sleep-disorder breathing, such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. They strive to provide nonsurgical solutions to improve breathing.

By visiting a sleep dentistry practice, you benefit from the experience and qualifications of a specialist. After undergoing a sleep study, they analyze the data, perform an examination of your air passages, and assess your oral structures to create a treatment plan that is best for you.

Oral Appliance Therapy

The most preferred alternative to a CPAP is an oral appliance. This is a custom-fit device that repositions your jaw forward or backward to prevent pauses in breathing. Dental impressions are taken to determine the ideal location for your jaw to decrease your sleep apnea events. This information is fabricated to an oral appliance that is made from a comfortable material.

The oral appliance is made to fit your mouth while effectively moving your jaw into its best resting position to keep your airways open. Your sleep specialist closely monitors you to ensure your sleep quality improves. You will need to maintain follow-up visits each year to check to make sure your appliance still fits correctly while also being effective for treating your condition because changes can occur with your soft tissues.

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If you are ready to enjoy long-lasting relief without using a CPAP, it is time to visit your trusted sleep apnea and snoring specialist. Contact Sleep Better Baytown today to schedule your consultation for sleep apnea treatment. We have the solutions you need to sleep soundly and breathe easier.

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